Here at Unravel Fitness don't just offer "group fitness" classes, we give you the tools you need to make it a lifestyle and set you up on a training program. We don't just "workout", we move with intention. With enough consistency we help you create freedom in your lifestyle by practicing functional movement patterns in your body. Join us for virtual or outdoor classes!

What Sets Us Apart

We offer the benefits of personal training in small group sessions by creating a high level of fitness and wellness program design that prioritizes joint health.

Class formats:

  • TRX
  • Bootcamp
  • Mobility
  • Yoga classes
Together each class format is systematically interwoven together to keep you safe while reaching your goals. Every few weeks our program will deload letting your entire body recover. Our program is also mindful of the other systems in the body by intricately weaving hormone balance, lymphatic flow, cardiovascular strength, endurance, various energy pathways and more into our program design. 
Our program is designed to let you build up towards working out every day safely without burn out

Meet The Owners

Our coaches travel far and wide to learn from world class instructors. We stay up to date with proven training regiments used in major militaries and implement systems that have worked for thousands of years. When you train with us you’ll discover movement like you have never before.

Aaron has been in the fitness industry since 2010. His physical-wellness experience includes, but not limited to, NCSF Personal Training certification, SFG 1, Crossfit level 1, and Yoga 200 RYT from Rishikesh, India. He participates in long distance obstacle-courses, half marathons and strength trains regularly. Aaron has previously worked with professional NFL players and Cirque du Soleil performers. He enjoys an intense grueling workout as much as a wonderful sound bath meditation.
Natalia's biggest passion in life is movement. She believes everyone can reach their goals with a bit of help and motivation along the way. When Natalia graduated from San Jose State University with her BA in Anthropology she discovered her love for teaching fitness. She has been working as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor since 2009 with over 13 certifications and can teach over 25 different formats; some including SFG1, TRX, Yoga 200 RYT, Prenatal Yoga and Crossfit. 
Natalia's primary focus is on form and mobility- the balancing of strength and flexibility to stabilize the joints. She aims to encourage people to find joy in experiencing the benefits an active body can bring to their lifestyles. She believes in continuous education, exploring your passions and finding serenity every day.